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Name:cynric the unflinching
Birthdate:Jan 1
cynric the unflinching
hailing from invoria
son of wanderers
| class; bard
| alignment; chaotic good

It's not entirely clear where Cynric was born. His parents didn't find it particularly remarkable, more preoccupied with the care of twin boys while traveling through rough sections of the world. All in all, it was a fairly bountiful and contented life, following the wind and the flow of coin. He grew up watching the world of men, the world of creature, the realm of law and the lawless wilds. It made everything sharp, delineated... and out of whack with the optimism of his sibling. Now he wanders alone, accompanying brave adventurers and spinning songs to punish those who cannot fit his standard of Hero. After all, everyone deserves to exercise their free will--on behalf of the greater good, that is. He simply pushes things along.

{{ journal for RP pretendy-funtimes. not associated with Paul Bettany, Jack Gleeson, Gary Gygax/Dave Arneson or Wizards. no profit being made. player and muse both over 18. }}
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